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Updates updates and more updates!

Sooooo, I've been rubbish with keeping up to date with all of this! Please forgive me, if it wasn't for Fabio i would be a mess!

How are we all? I am just reflecting currently watching the winter Olympics women's ice hockey! and its really making me reminisce on the days at Marian court E9!we would pick up umbrellas put on our inline skates and play hockey! oh to be young! not a worry in the world.

So an update on the Edinburgh journey and ACE application. Our initial application for funding for our trip to Edinburgh fringe got rejected :( simply on the basis that none of our show takes place in London. So we have been re advised to apply again and change our parameters in which we are currently in the process of doing! This may mean all you guys that would love to watch the show but wont be able to make it to Edinburgh, you're in luck because now we will have a run of shows in London, possibly a 2 week run?

So all you pretty mother swearwords can make it down no excuses ya na!

Oh btw frank ocean just released a new track and it definitely bangs! (Moon River) but currently listening to diamond in the dirt - MIST. Album is actually alright!

I have decided though that Schoolboy Q is actually my favourite artist of yesteryear and this year. seeing him live was definitely a spectacle and i hope Kendrick brings him out on Tuesday! Word to my guy BLVD Tuesday is gonna pop off! That reminds me i gotta watch Black Panther!

I definitely got to make this a regular thing, be sure to stay in tune and engaged. Updates and more random things to come your way!

P.s If you all want to get a taste for my writing be sure to check out my previous work page there are some scripts attached with "An inch away" and "Baby mama drama" let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful and be easy!!!

Jaybee out

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