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Bare knuckle - London

Applecart Arts Theatre - September 4th, 2020

After the disastrous start to the year, we all had to face it was frustrating (off the back of a successful showing in New York) to be told I would have to postpone my show until later on in the year with no certainty of it happening at all. 

We waited and waited for news and alongside Applecart Arts who were themselves extremely helpful, we were apple to come to an agreement whilst respecting the guidelines set in place to Live stream Bare Knuckle to the immensely patient and forgiving London Audience! whilst they sat in the comfort of their homes, On September the 4th. A momentous occasion for me as it was my Dad's birthday! 

Please see below just some of the things people said about the performance. 

"It was fantastic to be watching a piece of live Theatre. Far more exciting than watching a Recording of a performance. Loved the simplicity of storytelling, the authenticity of the writing, and the sensitive direction. Loved the moments of direct address to camera."

"It's authenticity and personal nature of it. It was great to hear someone on stage talk like the people I grew up with at school. I found his story very relatable and thought he was a charismatic performer. I was also really impressed with the camera quality and sound."

Click here for the full 4-star review

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