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The world at my feet

As a collaborator, together with 10 artists from the UK, 15 artists from Indonesia and 25 young students from the British International School (BIS), I devised and performed in The world at my Feet. Jakarta - Indonesia 2010. 


The world at my feet was a collaboration between Project Phakama UK, Teater Tetas, and the British International School Jakarta.


For two months, both Project Phakama and Teater Tetas independently explored ideas about recycled worlds, stories, and dreams and joined together for a 14-day residency at the British International School Jakarta to create a performance at BIS, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, and Trento Free School. The project was supported by the British International School, WorldTheatre, and Gedung Kesenian Jakarta.

We as performers investigated what separates us and what brings us together and what is the value of human life in a world where people are disposable.



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