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Previous work


For the past years, I have developed a diversity of work, revolving around writing, directing, performing, and facilitating.


Below are what I would deem the highlights  of my creative journey to date:

Bare Knuckle - (Writer, Performer) - 2018-2020 - Touching, hilarious, and deeply personal, Bare Knuckle sheds light on the brutal, and often hidden, male world of bare-knuckle fighting. This one-man show now makes its debut in London after performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 and in New York City in 2019 as part of the world’s largest solo theatre festival – United Solo, to a great reception by the public and critics. 


Baby mama drama - (Writer) - 2018 - 4 Short plays surrounding the subject matter of young single mums and how they cope with day to day challenges. Performed as part of the Untold Stories Festival (Scripts attached).​


Dream, cease, repeat - (Actor) - 2014 Dream, cease, repeat, as a facilitator helping to shape dream cease to repeat, Then working as part of the cast devising, rehearsing and performing the final play. Performed as part of Sankofa festival. Produced by Phakama at Queen Mary University.


An inch away - (Writer, Director, Actor) - 2012 - Written by Jake Boston, first performed at Phakama's Velela Festival and later adapted into a film by Regis Gnaly. The story follows 3 characters all with their own cross to bear. They all have a recurring person which brings them together under strange circumstances. (Scripts attached).


Tripwires - (Actor) - 2011 -Tripwires was a training programme using the arts to create a safe space to explore and express ideas of freedom of expression, self-censorship, and offense. Performed at the mile end arts gallery, London.


The world at my feet - (Actor) - 2010 - The world at my feet was a collaboration between Project Phakama UK, Teater Tetas, and the British International School Jakarta. Performed In Jakarta, Indonesia.


When time is not - (Actor) - 2008 - When time is not was performed in London as part of the IFYA Festival at Theatre Royal Stratford East and Liverpool as part of Contacting the World / European Capital of Culture Celebrations. 



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