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About me

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1 Part human, 2 parts all around "go-getter" 3 part Creative! There are more parts to come, no doubt.


The journey starts. The year was 2004, 15, was the age I started acting, coming off of a youth club production called "Unity in the community" I decided that the acting life was for me! I was hooked and steamrolled forward.


From the back of that, I enrolled in " Identity drama school" and was fortunate enough to be coached by some well-established names in the industry. Which led me to learn numerous skills. (scriptwriting, acting techniques, conveying a story, engaging with audiences, producing a show and many more).  Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with National theatre, Phakama UK, Oval House, Hackney Empire & Orpheus Centre and many more respected companies.  


Like any given free creative soul, I realised that the world was my oyster and that I need to travel explore the world, continue to educate myself and share these new found skills and techniques with young budding artists. I was quite fortunate in being able to take part in some amazing projects, facilitate, teach and perform in Brazil, Indonesia & France to name a few.


I have always been interested in everyday stories and real-life experience's  potential to make their way onto the stage or any other artistic medium. And with writing and directing now at the forefront of what I do, I am now fully exploring materials that I am passionate about and that speak to the audiences I want to connect with.


My journey of discovery, learning, and exploration is an ongoing one and it is fuelled by my interested in creating spaces for myself and the people I collaborate with to let our imagination fly. I am committed to a balanced mix of hard-work and having fun in the pursuit of creating engaging, relevant, quirky and intriguing tales.   

Click here for some examples of my creative shenanigans to date

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