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My role in Tripwires consisted of developing ideas in a workshop environment as well as collaborating with fellow artists towards developing stories leading to a final show.



Tripwires was a training programme using the arts to create a safe space to explore and express ideas of freedom of expression, self-censorship, and offense. Each week there was a different theme – music, satire, acrobatics, banned plays, film, photography. the project gave me the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as Belarus Free Theatre, Burmese artist Htein Lin and young artists from Georgia and Abkhazia and Afghanistan as well as other Index on censorship contributors.

Tripwires used all art forms to process ideas creatively so exploring physically and intellectually what freedom of expression means to young Londoners today. The project created a space for people who express themselves in all sorts of ways to contribute to a debate.



The project culminated in an interactive multi-media performance about censorship and freedom of expression where participants asked the question: Where do you draw the line?

Tripwires performance

Tripwires performance

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