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Baby mama drama

A theatre project conceived, developed and performed by young single mums from the Gingerbread Charity. 
Using the title as a catalyst to explore the role of absent fathers in single-parent families, 4 short plays written by Jake Boston was pe
rformed at the Untold showcase on January 29th, 2018.

Produced by: Small Green Shoots.

Directed by: Libby Liburd

Written by: Jake Boston

Here are just a few of testimonies from the creative team working on Baby mama drama.


“Jake skilfully reflected the young people’s own stories in the script. This made the young actors connection with the work genuine and that was plain to see for the audience. They were clearly moved by this poignant and insightful piece”.
Natalie Wade –  Director at Small Green Shoots

“Working alongside Jake for “Baby mama drama” for the untold series was such a pleasure! His scripts where creative, touching and powerful and he has a real talent for imaginative writing and creative direction. He works to a high standard, and well within the time frame I needed (which was pretty short) so he works amazingly well under pressure! I will defo be using him in the future and I recommend you do too, he’s amazing" Makeda McMillan - Project Manager at Small Green Shoots

“The scripts were so touching, I was laughing one minute and crying the next. They were very creative pieces and gave me a different outlook on single parenthood” Savanna Laviniere - Project Assistant  at Small Green Shoots

(see attached scripts below)



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