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Jake better pop up in your thoughts as an artist.

1st official kind of real informative blog post.

Mad mad mad, its been a crazy month, just non stop! If it wasn't for the people around me i kinda 60% doubt i would have achieved all that i have in such a short amount of time.

The ACE application DONE!

The budget DONE

The website DONE! (Well duh because you're on it now)

Few more things that need to be touched up but overall we in a good place homies.

Thank you all for your continued support mayn it means allot ya na. I owe it not only to myself, to the guy that this show is based on, Rest in peace daddy o. I owe it to you guys as well supreme groupie fan base. And thank you for your patience this has been a long time coming. So i'm glad things are finally moving in motion.

I am currently listening to a Mike Skinner garage mix and its inspiring me to chase my next ambition which is to host my own UK garage night i would be the DJ obvi. This all came about to be honest because of my dream yesterday. I had a dream that i put on my own event and it was fuego! absolute feugo.

I gotta holla at munch to get advise on this blogging malarkey. i think imma associate a photo with each post as to how I'm feeling

Be sure to check in soon homies. see y'all on the flip side.


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