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The Greatest

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

By far I am the greatest the greatest you ever seen

lemme tell you abit about my lifestyle so cold and so mean

David and goliath, sugar ray and Mosely

Champion in the making reformed from birth, oh so mean growing up in the UN civil civilation of uncivilized manors.

I’m so numb feeling numb numbed out to the world

Ghetto smurf, needle and thread sew this heart back in place because i am by far the greatest.

I once sat back took a chug and whispered sweet nothings into the stagnant air, hopefully to cure me of the wretched thoughts and diseased cancer that was infecting me!

But only injustice kissed the air, the Styx River my home draining my power, kratos mocking me from a far, hades on looking Athena my only witness to the intrepid abuse in which was my mind.

Take this needle and thread and sew my eyes back in place because I once saw the greatest in everyone I saw the greatest in the world I saw the greatest in the one I loved, but now it’s different.

Cocky arrogant, I never listen apparently! quoting the words of the greatest, I done wrestled with an alligator, his teeth kissed my cheek, a sever body to body feeling, tussled with a whale, the overwhelming feeling of life on your shoulders the incoherent people wanting nothing but to see you ravaging in a whirlpool of self-doubt and pity, only last week I murdered a rock, I looked it straight in the eyes and told it " you don’t like me because I am the greatest but that rock looked in despair, it said to me you don’t have it in you to be the greatest, you disrespectful non listening arrogant prick, injured a stone, the one stone holding my feelings in place wedged by this stone nonmoving untouched feelings, feelings which shouldn’t be unleashed to the world, Pandora’s box, hospilized a brick, the foundation the fountain of my life, my sweet nectar, error of my ways was keen to be seen, did I not? I didn’t I rushed and tussled and turned and said but not one word and just let you disappear, I’m so mean I make medicine sick, and that’s what I did, my night nurse, my kryptonite, I was watched over, my guardian angel did I listen? I did not? I laid there not a single word, an onlooker foreigner to my own, bottom of the bottle pushing me on, an inch away oh so close but yet so far, you told me I should be the greatest I could this is why it is so hard for me to say bye.

As I walk away the greatest feelings exposed and my thoughts once again in my cranium telling me no. this time I must listen I must say no I object you cannot rule me no longer! You cannot say anything to manipulate my feelings no more!

because a man who views the world at 50 the same as he did 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.


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