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Updated: Feb 1, 2018

To me this world is something crazy,

a special element one after another such is life and banter is just banter

hearts get broken and words are exchanged

words flow of the tongue, dark twisted hard harsh words,

thinking of sunset moonlight sonata, posted chilling thinking

sigh, the intrepid life, one last swig, all we have is each other

i have myself dependant me myself and i. no reset button chapter select

end of an era, lifespan emotive moods taken by spirits ventured into the light.

this still aint right.

hearts get broken and words are exchanged

dark twisted hard harsh words

repeat, select delete try again, sorry you lost me? what was that

thats right i lost you, those words stick like a needle in a adict.

a needle direct passage into time, carresing my arteries slowing my thinking time down taking me to abyss,

the dark lonely prison times in search of an antidote the antidote in the form of you, you the one the matrix the one my all the one my girl the one the one who i lost.

but your there what is that a spirit a good will gesture? extra ordinary out of this earth no thanks i dont need your sympathy!

as i wave goodbye i pressed end i silently closed my eyes the whispers stopped the speaking stopped my eyes shut silently, life closed silently the one last swig.

hearts get broken and words are exchanged

dark twisted hard harsh words.

until we meet again.

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