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Beauty Personified

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

The beauty of words personified

Though the voice of a rose

Blooming bright white as a seed sown in soils of consciousness

Sprouting words a rosebuds

Stimulating your mind to the fragrance of my words

Whispering sweet lyrical verses in your ear

So I spit these lyrics from my lips

I am "An-Artist"

I am the vessel in which this message is sent

I am the incoming transmission logging on to the database within the realms of your mind

Poets never die when their words live forever

Reincarnating me into metaphors of poetic greatness

Yes! Poetically I’m born again

So with swift motion of my pen to this paper

I mold art into words

Words into verses

Verses into poetry

Poetry into reality

To fight again adversity

A warrior of words

To free the souls of the unspoken

The voice of those broken

To keep it to myself or share it with the world

The words of a woman spoken though the body of a girl

For a moment

For an instant

See the world though my eyes

Witness the beauty of words personified.

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