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Say it thrice

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

cherish cherish cherish repeat 3 times over in head and maybe just maybe you might believe it.

loved and lost and learned and gained knowledge and wisdom from an event of such misfortune.

hell hath no fury like the wrath of a emotive response from deep within, living the life you desire without stress worry and feeble minded people your the king and she your queen.

your queen evidently your queen throwing her head back barking cherning stomach wretching your queen what i have done has dire consequences.

your all your mind body and soul. runaway runaway runaway say it 3 times it might just happen, but im holding on, holding on to this string this last strand.

indecent images of such despair, reservoir of thoughts river of blood lake of body, emersed, head first, dont breathe just look and listen, that sound that sound that sound say it thrice it may just dissapear.

A nightmare scene a fairytale wedding the scene in which was deleted from time, the time i lost the queen i lost, my all my heartbeat my everything.

how do you gain the insight into how to please, how to keep your all happy how to nurture how to feed how to survive, in the back on my mind i know what i do is of ill fate, is of such intrepidness in which there is no saviour for my cause being sucked into a vortex of shadow doubt and demon alike.

i know she knows deep down she knows, but she cannot bring herself to admit it, i cannot be what you deserve i cannot be that knight i cannot be that mythical god like creature in return will grant you eternal happiness, in revolution to the sense in which is your mind.

two peas in a pod me and you, her i him, i and u, well alright if this how it has to be, i tried my all feeble attempts at begging tudor rose held at arms length scattered into the ashes of a million tears, tears no longer needed guided of placed in a time of such warmth and kind lay aways.

say it thrice say it three times, i lost i died i lived i lost i died i lived i lost i died i lived.

you may just start to believe it.


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